And then the rat brought a friend…

So the rats are back…

or should I say that the rat is back and he brought a a sidekick?

Once again, Rufus has totally blown my mind by not gobbling them up. In fact, he made nose-to-nose contact with one of them this time and his jowls stayed completely shut.


Go freaking figure.

I will say that I was actually working on some photographs in the backyard when it happened this time, so I became a little agitated and impatient by the presence of our unwelcome neighbors. If I had to guess, I think Rufus could sense that I was irritated and fed off my energy, making him a little restless as well. He didn’t harm the rats in any way, shape, or form but he also became more aroused than I was comfortable with towards the end. Because of his mood change, I decided to put him inside before I ended up regretting giving him so much credit.

Self-control can only last so long when you’re a dog surrounded by prey, am I right?

His posture became a little more stiff and unsure as opposed to curious and relaxed.

His posture became a little more stiff and unsure as opposed to curious and relaxed, which is a big red flag.

Better safe than sorry!


Until next time, rat friends!

P.S. Again, I apologize for the blurry photos – I was photographing something completely different so my manual settings were on. It’s too bad – I would love to get a clear photo of Rufus kissing a rat on the lips! 😉


15 thoughts on “And then the rat brought a friend…

  1. This whole saga is so interesting to me! I was actually telling my husband about Rufus and the rats on a recent walk with the pups; he agreed that such little critters would not last more than few seconds in our yard. I’d be irritated, too, though — mainly for the safety of the rats, and the feeling that you were somehow responsible for them when in your yard. Interesting to see how this whole thing pans out!

    • I agree- our neighbor is the nicest lady ever. The rats actually belong to her son, who is never home. We have let her know they’re still getting out and she apologizes profusely, but they keep coming back.

      Both times he’s had interactions with them have been accidental. I have been preoccupied and fail to notice they’re in the yard. Rufus, of course, always spots them first.

      And then there’s the part of me that is so intrigued by his behavior, I just can’t help but watch him. He knows “leave it” so well that if he gets too close for comfort and I give him the command, he backs off. It’s been sooooo bizarre and fun to watch!

      To be honest, I totally thought he was more predatory than this….

  2. We’ve had ferrets with dogs with no issues. I think if Rufus was going to eat the critters, he would have done so by now. Seems to me he calls them friends!

  3. That is just crazy. Your neighbors are lucky they aren’t permanently missing a couple of pets with the escape artists they are. Rufus did look a little more in “hunt” mode in his standing photo. Have a great weekend!

  4. This is so crazy to me – I’m enjoying the storyline, but I can’t figure out your neighbors and why they can’t seem to keep the rats contained. And I am not a rat fan – but those guys are kind of cute. I’d hate to see them end up as a snack if a certain brindle pup momentarily lost control.

  5. Oh my goodness… Rufus is amazing. My “sweet” dogs would never have such restraint. Never. It’s actually super cute that he can be nice to those rats!

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