Timeout: Be a good friend

There’s no doubt that I love Rufus with my whole heart. He is absolutely one of the best little souls I’ve ever known.


And as much as I adore him, he sometimes get demoted to my daily chore. Of course this isn’t intentional – us humans just seem to be so freaking busy all of the time, we often get caught up in our own stuff, forgetting about the little people.

Rufus is not a “little people.”

But sometimes I get overwhelmed with life and forget to spend true quality time with him. Sure, we walk several miles a day every single day, but am I really paying attention to him as my companion? Not always. He just happens to be on the other end of the leash while my mind floods with thoughts and to-do lists.

I’m so grateful that Rufus is a low-maintenance pup, but sometimes that makes it easier to go about my day. He will happily lay at my feet for hours while I work on the computer, never making a peep or even asking to go outside. His bladder is made of steel. It’s so easy to stay busy or distracted when no one is telling you otherwise.

Of course, this mode of autopilot doesn’t last for long. Sometimes it just takes me abeat to realize how wonderful this bond is and how much it completes me as a dog owner and as a human being. IMG_3600

So yesterday, we rekindled our friendship. There was a long hike with plenty of training opportunities and treats involved, a belly rub accompanied by a game of tug, and an extra special cuddle session on the couch before we headed off to bed. Maybe it sounds dramatic, but it’s just what I needed to put everything back into perspective.

You’re never too busy to enjoy the little things, so take a second and pet your dog. He’s waiting. 



10 thoughts on “Timeout: Be a good friend

  1. First, I love this post. And, second I’ve been trying to do similar things with Boomer and Dottie. Taking the time for a belly rub, an extra treat here and there, even the chance to go to work with me and play in the gym, it means the world to them and to me to see them so happy.

  2. This is so true! Tucker & Phoebe are also just really ‘easy’ dogs compared with dogs I’ve lived with in the past, so it can be easy to “overlook” them in some ways. Their needs are always met, and I delight in their company, but like you said, sometimes they are just kind of along for the ride. But when I really do take time to completely focus on them, even for short periods of time, such as getting down on the floor with them and wrestling or tugging with a toy, or taking a few moments to try and teach them a new behavior, they just light up with that focused attention.

  3. I try really hard to give everyone their own time. Especially since Marty consumes so much more of my attention than the others, it really is surprising. He is an “in your face” kitty. He isn’t being naughty, he just needs a lot of attention which he will worm his way into everything to get.

  4. A perfect message. It is so easy to take their easy-going happiness for granted. I’m glad that you and Rufus had a good time together on your hike!

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