Adoptable: Swiffer The Super Mutt!

You know I have a sweet spot for mutts, especially when a dog is so full of mutt that you can’t really figure out what breeds might be in the mix.

I think it’s safe to say that Swiffer fits the bill.


Swiffer is actually the foster/project dog of my friend and previous co-worker, Jackie. He is located just outside of Chicago, so please share his photos and story if you know someone looking to adopt a new furry friend!

And without further ado, I’ll pass it over to Jackie to explain a little bit about this smooshable stud:

IMG_38921IMG_39331Swiffer has come a long way to get here today! He has been tossed around and has never understood what it was like to be a normal dog with a forever family. After being returned by his previous adopter, Swiffer came back into rescue in July without a foster home lined up.  Fortunately, my boss opened up her daycare home and he has been fostered at Top Dog Retreat in Elmhurst, IL ever since. As the trainer at Top Dog, I have been working with him on his basic manners as well as how to live in a home successfully and he is doing very well!  Swiffer loves other dogs! He is friendly towards everyone, although he’ll let a bark slip out from the excitement of meeting someone new. He loves chasing squirrels, and since his prey drive is so high, he would do best in a home with no cats. He is a goofy, 65 pound boy who is looking for his forever home!


To learn more about Swiffer, check out Magnificent Mutts for adoption and contact information. Let’s get this boy adopted!


12 thoughts on “Adoptable: Swiffer The Super Mutt!

  1. He sure is a cutie. I have to make myself not look too hard at adoptable dogs. Otherwise, I’d have hundreds of dogs living in my house. I sure do hope that this cutie finds a great home.

  2. That is a hilarious tail.

    Badger has a really fluffy tail too. When we board him at doggy daycare, most of the dogs there are black like him, but we can always tell which one he is on the webcam because of what we dubbed his “fan tail”.

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