Movers & Shakers

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was, well…a little bit all over the place. Ups, downs, and lots of “what am I going to do with the rest of my life??” moments of sheer panic. So yeah, I’m exhausted.

When I had reached my limit of anxiety for the day, I decided to take my yoga mat to the park and enjoy some fresh air. After all, fresh air doesn’t judge you and your life choices.

When all else fails, stretch it out.


It wasn’t long until I got distracted by this handsome mug.


So many feels.


In case you were wondering, I still don’t know what I’m doing with my life. I’ve always been someone that wants to do EVERYTHING, which is great until it’s not. Sometimes you just have to buckle down and choose one thing to focus on, which is so very hard for my scatter-brained way of thinking.

Ugh..but I digress. Here’s to hoping this week brings a lot of a-ha moments and joy! Happy Monday!



8 thoughts on “Movers & Shakers

    • Haha , dogs love a good workout with their people!

      And I obviously can relate…I’m just learning how I need to focus on one or two things so that I can build something out of this life of mine 🙂 It’s all been a learning experience. Painful, but worth it.

  1. I gave up on working out around the dogs – they’re convinced the mat is for them to play with. As for the whole life thing, no one really knows what they’re doing so you’re in good company.

  2. If I take a yoga matt outside, will Rufus magically appear? Cause I’ll do it!

    Whatever you decide to do, it will be great! And if it’s not great, you will move forward to the next thing.

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