Review | TropiClean Fresh Breath + Flaxseed Dental Dog Treats


Around here, we love dental treats. Some of our favorites include Zuke’s Z-Bones and Whimzees. So when Chewy contacted us about trying TropiClean’s version of the classic breath freshener, I jumped all over it.

Rufus would’ve jumped as well if he could read e-mails and grasp basic English…but I digress.


Let’s cut to the chase. Here’s my speedy review in bullet points:

The Good:

-Great formula with impressive ingredients (I especially loved the addition of flaxseeds and parsley leaf).

-Freshened Ru’s breath (temporarily, but it’s a lost cause anyways so I’ll take what I can get).

-Awesome price point for the amount given (10 chews for 14 bucks).

-Rufus thinks they taste pretty darn delicious.

The Not-As-Good

-The size of the bones could be bigger. Unfortunately, they only offer two sizes right now. That being said, I think these would work really well for dogs between 25-40 lbs.

-The shape isn’t anything special. What I love about Whimzees is that you can get them in the form of spiked porcupines or scaly alligators (trust me, they totally work) – both of which do an awesome job of getting into the hard-to-reach spots in a dog’s mouth. A curved and smooth bone-shape just doesn’t do as well in my opinion.


My final verdict? These treats are perfect for small or small-to-medium sized dogs. I also think they would work really well if your pup isn’t a big chewer. I will definitely be using these up as they do a great job in the fresh breath department, but I think we’ll stick to other brands in the future.

Ru’s final verdict? Yum and stuff.


Thanks again to for the chance to review this product!


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