Product Review | Honest Kitchen Wishes Treats

photo 1-7

I “wish” you’d stop snapping pictures and start stuffing my face with these treats, lady.

We love Honest Kitchen in this house. Rufus has been eating their dehydrated food in “Zeal” for over a year now and I credit it for keeping his coat shiny and his energy high. We’ve also tried a few of their treats, but this was our first time trying “Wishes.”

These little bites contain one ingredient:
photo 1-6

You can’t get any cleaner than that, am I right?

As expected, Rufus absolutely loved these stinky treats (and yes, they are very stinky – just a head’s up!). He paces any time they’re in eye shot, waiting for me to hand one over.

For the price, you get a fairly small amount of dehydrate chip-like treats. However, Honest Kitchen makes up for it by offering truly high-quality treats and food, so it’s worth a few extra bucks in my opinion.

Thanks to Chewy for introducing us to yet another super tasty treat. We will definitely be repurchasing these – I’ll just have to remember to plug my nose when opening the package. 😉 Oh, the things we do for our pups.


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