Writer’s Block, Updates, & Babble

In case you haven’t noticed, my content has been a little ho-hum lately. As much as I love this little blog, I don’t know that I have much to share at the moment. Photos are easy, because let’s face it, Ru’s face never gets old.

I can’t help myself – I just gotta smoooooooosh him.

photo 4-2

That being said, I would love to share more than just a photo here and there.

This is where you come in! What would you like to read about a far as dog-related topics go? What interests you the most and what could you do without?

photo 2-7

This little old lady really gets cookin’ in her homemade wheelchair! Remind you of anyone??


I’ve recently been doing some dog walking and petsitting on the side. After taking a few months off of dog-related work to write professionally, I realized that I missed working with a pack so very much. Not to mention, I absolutely loathe sitting on my butt for hours at a time. This gives me tons of excuses to get up and get outside. It’s a win-win, really.

photo 1-6

I adore this odd couple. Such a funny little pair.


While my time is absolutely up as far as huge group dynamics go (think doggy daycare and boarding), I thought I’d try something in the field that gives me a little more flexibility as well as independence. So far, so good.

photo 3-3

These two talk a lot, but it’s the cute kind of woofing with a purpose.


As far as Rufus goes, he’s doing just fine. He’s getting older but shows no signs of slowing down. Since my schedule is a little more sporadic, his walks gets a tad more jumbled but he doesn’t seem to mind. As long as he gets out a few times a day, he’s a happy camper.


Another thing I’ve noticed since stepping away from working in doggy retail? I really don’t try new products as much. When I was surrounded by new treats, toys, and gadgets, I spent 1/3 of my paycheck on trying out new things. And while it was really fun, it certainly wasn’t necessary. Let’s face it – Rufus could care less about a pumpkin treat vs. a grain-free salmon treat. The dude just likes food and he likes it in all forms.

But! I am actually in the market for a few new products. If you have any opinions or suggestions on the following items, let me know what you love/have been using lately!

Backseat cover – now that I’m walking dogs, I am also transporting them to the park, vet visits, etc. I’m looking for something that does an awesome job covering my entire backseat but that is also affordable.

Dremel – Rufus LOATHES getting his nails clipped, so the dremel works the best for him. Mine is on the fritz and I’m guessing it’s going to burn out on me any day now, so let me know which model/brand you use and how you like it.

A really rad dog bed – My dude needs something large, padded, and couch-like. As much as I love cuddling him at night, I think it’s starting to really wear on our sleeping habits. Ru’s been tossing and turning more than usual lately, which keeps everyone else up and crank in the morning. If I can transition him to the floor in the kindest way possible, I think everyone will be much happier. And while I know a really nice dog bed can be super expensive, I’m really trying to keep it affordable without sacrificing quality. HELP!

I think that’s it. Sorry for all of the babbling, but I just wanted to do a proper post and give you guys a solid update for once. I’d love to start writing more about the dogs I’m watching as well as any Rufus stories that might interest you. We’ll see how that pans out…


12 thoughts on “Writer’s Block, Updates, & Babble

  1. We love anything you post Vanessa, and you know we’ve got a soft spot for your big teddy bear Rufus, so keep the smooshing photos coming!!

    I’ve often thought that the best way to get the dogs to sleep happily on the floor would just be to buy them a mattress, flannel sheets, fluffy pillow, and feather duvet all their own, and just plop it right on the floor. They know what’s what! Haha

  2. I love all your updates, even if they are photos! But since your life is more diversified now, and if you want to connect your life to blog content, you could write about all happenings. Rufus, Rufus aging, trials and tribulations of dog walking, issues faced (like the car and bed problem) and…you could even do some eating healthy (for human and dog) posts! As for the bed issue… Melvin sleeps in the bed and like any dog, takes up the whole thing. I tried getting him to sleep in his bed but truth be told (he is aging too), i like him close. But i love sleep! So i use a bolster bed (with the inside pillow taken out). I put it on the big bed and he sleeps in it, in the big bed. It forms a barrier so he can’t roll all over the place! All of us have never slept better! I’ll do a post this week (its in the queue) so you can see how it works! Took a few nights but now it’s awesome!

    • Thank you to my favorite dog blogger! 🙂 Honestly, I don’t know how well this transition is going to go….it’s wishful thinking really, haha. That being said, I definitely want to hear more about your current dog bed and I’ll see where it goes from there. 😉

  3. If you have a tool-grade dremel I would just go with that. Since I didn’t have one I picked up an Oster Pet Grinder a few years ago. It’s been running solid since. Whichever way you go, definitely choose a corded option for more power. And after wasting money on beds that dent and lose shape, I finally sucked it up and bought a Big Barker. The wallet takes a hit, but it’s the last bed I’ll ever need to buy.

  4. I use the Kurgo bench seat cover, which I got from Amazon for $30. I have carseats for my pugs, so it stays in place for me. I don’t know whether it would stay in place for bigger dogs, but there are several ways to tighten the fit that I think may make it stay in place pretty well. It seems to be very durable and all I have to do is shake it to get most of the pet hair off. I do enjoy reading your thoughts on dog products, but really, I’d read anything you write as long as there is a picture of Rufus!! He is such a gorgeous guy and his facial expressions kill me!!!

    • Thanks for the recommendation! I actually used to have a Kurgo and it held up for awhile, but the straps did eventually break. However, it did a good job for quite awhile.

      Thanks for your feedback and for loving my pup’s face as much as I do. 🙂

  5. I love your posts. Simple are fine because Rufus rocks! I have a Durago dog seat cover that I like a lot. Mazie has multiple dog beds. Her favorite in the bedroom is an ortopedic one that is memory foam on the bottom and eggcrate on the top. She has two high sided dog beds I trade off in the living room. She prefers the eggcrate one of those too.

  6. HomeGoods has a decent pet section, I know they had some orthopedic bolster beds. Good luck!

    Love the pics! Would like to see a side view of the cutie in the home made cart; what a face. 🙂

  7. Love your blog.

    Our dog likes a bolster to rest her head on, but not a bolster that goes all the way around because, you know, she wants options. Her favorite bed yet is a Serta we got on Overstock that was about a third as much as her other beds. It’s an ortho cushion and she loves it.

    The only thing I don’t like about it is the bottom cushion doesn’t come out (the bolster does), so we need a huge washer to clean it.

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