Hike Your (Dog’s) Own Hike :: What It Really Means To Plan A Thru Hike With Your Dog

One of my lifelong dreams is to complete a monumental hike with my bff. Let the research commence! I love this starting point by Ruffwear. Enjoy!

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The Appalachian Trail runs 2,180 miles, from Springer Mountain, GA to Katahdin, ME. Each year, up to 2,000 people attempt to “thru-hike” the entire length of the AT (hike the entire trail in one, continuous outing) – a trek that on average takes five to seven months. This year, one of those attempting to thru-hike the AT is Maija, a photographer from Minnesota. Joining Maija are her two loyal companions, Griffin and Little Bear.
Today (March 31, 2015), Maija, Griffin and Little Bear start their long journey north, taking their first steps on the AT in Springer Mountain, GA. Last night, from a hotel room in Dahlonega, GA  Maija took some time to reflect on everything she has done to prepare herself and the unknowns that lie ahead. Her note to us below is honest, reflective and genuine. We can’t wait to hear updates from the trio throughout the summer …

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2 thoughts on “Hike Your (Dog’s) Own Hike :: What It Really Means To Plan A Thru Hike With Your Dog

  1. Great story. I do parts of the Colorado Trail every summer, and I see people thru-hiking with dogs who seem woefully unprepared. They aren’t willing to slow or take breaks when their dogs need it… It makes me very upset to see. It looks as if this woman has a great attitude and plan!

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