Treat Yo’Self! | Chewy Review – Nutro Wild Blueberry Pomegranate Biscuits

As much as I know Rufus love stinky, chewy, soft treats, I like to save those for special occasions or for training rewards. For random handouts, I like to keep a crunchier treat on hand – they’re a little bit better for his teeth and usually lower in fat.

All natural with a list of clean ingredients, these Nutro treats fit the bill!

photo 1-3

So basically you’re telling me there’s nothing weird and unnecessary in there? Ok, awesome.

photo 2-3

Rufus isn’t picky, so it was no surprise that he gobbled these up. They may not get him as excited as their stinkier counterparts (these actually smell really sweet and quite nice to the human nose!), but he’s not going to decline anything in food form. They’re a perfect size, but I usually break them in half for tinier bites.

photo 3-4

I mean…I think that you can tell from his face that he’s waaaaaay in.

photo 4 photo 5

Thanks to Chewy for offering up some delicious treats in exchange for our honest opinion. Check them out here!


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