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After working with dogs at some capacity for seven years straight, I walked away from my last job relieved and exhausted. Even for a crazy dog lady like myself, there just comes a time when the job is more physically exhausting and emotionally draining than it is fun or rewarding. I was burnt out, depressed, and uninspired.

It only took two months away from the chaos before I was itching to get back in the game. Enter our super adorable foster dog, Hattie. She was a great reintroduction into the foster life and reminded me why I love the canine species so darn much.

Four months later, I started dog walking on the side. Dog walking is kind of perfect for my personality: it’s an independent position in which I can interact and connect with all kinds of dogs on a much smaller scale than a boarding or training facility allowed. I find dog walking to be incredibly rewarding as it includes all of my favorite parts of the dog-human relationship: exercise, mental stimulation, training, and adventure! And while it started as a side hobby, I hope to keep on growing my client list and business as time goes on.

Because it’s become a regular part of my life again, I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce a new series on this little ol’ blog. “Dog Walker Approved” will be my outlet to share with you some of my favorite go-to staples in all things dogs: products, resources, tools, etc. I hope you enjoy it and let me know if you have any suggestions for me in the near future!


First up: Earth Rated Poop Bags.


If you’ve had a dog for any amount of time, picking up after them has become second nature. Very few dog people even flinch when scooping up their pup’s poop (of any shape or form) on a daily basis. Heck, I don’t even bat an eye at pulling grass blades directly from my cow-like pup’s butt on the regular. Of course, my hand is always covered with a bag. I’m not THAT far gone. Yet.

All of this to say that I use poop bags all day, every day. When I worked at my first boarding facility, I would easily go through 3 full rolls during one shift. So crazy.

Earth Rated is awesome because they offer scented, unscented, and compostable bags at an affordable price. They’re strong enough so that you don’t tear them while detaching them from the roll, which is my biggest irritation as a seasoned dog poop picker-upper.

Here’s a little info on the company and their mission statement:


The one thing I’ll say is that I am absolutely NOT a fan of scented bags. I find that whenever any company uses a scent to “cover up” the smell of something awful, I immediately relate that scent to that “something awful” for the rest of my life. Case in point: there is a specific type of cleaner I just can’t stomach anymore due to years of using it for diarrhea and barf clean-up in the puppy room. Just….no thanks.

My absolute favorite product that they offer? Their plastic-free option (shown in first picture on the right). They’re vegetable-based and compostable – SCORE!

Oh, and the bandana they sent along? Well, it’s boosted Ru’s adorableness factor by about 75%.


If you’re interested in in checking out any of their products, here’s a store locator tool to help you find them in your area. Chances are that if you live by an independent pet store, they’ll carry a few of their products for you to check out.

And just because I can, here’s one last photo of Rufus giving his best “sad hound” face in his new swag:



*Disclosure: Earth Rated provided these products in exchange for my honest opinion and review. 


9 thoughts on “Dog Walker Approved | Earth Rated Products

  1. Ah, this is really cool! 🙂
    To be honest, I never even thought about how I should be looking for more eco-friendly poop bags since I just chuck them into the garbage bin without a second thought. I’m interested to see what else you review ^^

  2. These are great bags, and I particularly like their bag holder, with the little clip on the side that can hold a tied-off poo bag. Great review! Hope you will continue a series on dog-walker approved products! Best to you and Rufus.

    • Yes I’m diggin’ that bag holder! I’m usually not a fan of them as I find them kind of clunky during walks, but this one is really nice. I’m glad you like the series. P.S. I miss your dog blog posts but I’ve been following your other blog for a little while now and I really enjoy it.

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