Adventures in Pet Sitting | Our Pack is Growing!

I have to admit that I have puppy fever pretty bad lately. And by “puppy fever”, I mean dogs over 8 months old that I want to adopt and smooch and train and love. Unfortunately our lives are a little too hectic right now to take on a new pup, so I’m getting my fix through work.

Over the past week and a half, we’ve been gaining some wonderful new clients. Old and young, big and small (and super teensy tiny!), cuddle bugs and spitfires – it’s all good. Here are just a few of the beautiful creatures I get to spend these sunny summer days with on a regular basis:


Supermutt! Spitfire! Weary of strangers but an absolute blast once he gets to know you.


Dreamboat. Mega babe. He’s a dream on a leash and a total brainiac.


Hilarious. Feisty. These two ladies have been through a lot medically, but they don’t let that fact take away their zest for life!


Moody. Brooding. This guy tried his hardest to hate me, but I totally won him over. I always do.

I’m a lucky gal.


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