When One Dog Has Your Whole Heart | Fostering, Adopting, and Sharing


I like to think that I could love another dog. I dream of being a two-dog household and maybe even making room for one or two more in the semi-near future.

But something happens when I start considering adding another dog into our home. First I get nervous, realizing how easy our lives are right now with just Rufus. He’s incredibly low maintenance and super easy to have around. Not to mention how much I love being able to pick up and go anywhere with him. Would adding a second dog make traveling and exploring that much more difficult? I honestly don’t know.

We have only fostered three dogs since adopting Rufus. And while all three had some really wonderful qualities, none of them came close to being a forever dog. We even went into one of our foster situations in hopes of adopting her, but we just didn’t click as much as I would’ve liked. Sure she was a joy to be around, but she was meant to be a foster and nothing else.

Hattie was such a doll.

Hattie was such a doll.

But then I started wondering: Was she really not meant to be or am I just closed off because I’m a one-dog woman? I honestly don’t know at this point. Am I so crazy super obsessed with my soul pup that I just can’t find the room in my heart for another forever dog? That would really suck, guys.

Maybe I’m just overthinking things. I suppose that’s possible. Maybe I will just know when we find the right dog for our home. After all, it took us three months to even discuss adopting Rufus while he was still our foster dog and five more to make it official. We really are a slow-and-steady kind of family. I blame the guy I live with for most of the indecisiveness, but I have to admit that I can be a perfectionist as well.

Taking our sweet time doing our thing..

Taking our sweet time doing our thing..

Then again, I can’t emphasize it enough: I’ve loved and adored my fair share of 4-legged creatures, but I have never had a connection like this before. Rufus really is my best friend and constant companion. Maybe that’s been his plan all along…


Surprise! I’m perfect! Well, for you at least…

So for now we’ll just keep looking and fostering and we will keep our options wide open. Because let’s face it, I refuse to believe I couldn’t love ALL THE DOGS. That’s what crazy dog ladies do best.

How about you? Was it hard for you to add another pooch to your pack, or is it something that happens naturally? If you are a one-dog household, do you have plans to add more? What is your criteria for a forever dog? I’m so interested in this topic! 


12 thoughts on “When One Dog Has Your Whole Heart | Fostering, Adopting, and Sharing

  1. I always wanted more than one dog, even though Kasper was such a handful. Zoey wasn’t planned, she just had nowhere else to go, and we fell in love. Despite the fact I adored Zoey (how can you not love a 10 week old Staffy puppy?!) I didn’t feel the same intense bond as I did with Kasper. The first time I felt a real connection, and a “this is MY dog” feeling was when Zoey was 7 months old. In fact I considered Kasper my ‘favouriote’ all the way up until about 6 months ago. Now I couldn’t pick a favourite if I tried – or maybe I could but it would change hour to hour 🙂

    There’s gonna be a third dog in the future. Who knows how that will go! 😉

  2. I never thought I’d love a dog like I love Ray and I believe that’s true. I only had one (human) child and knew I’d never love like THAT again as well.
    Well, Julius came along and we adopted him and I knew he would be “our second dog” in my heart but then something funny happened. I developed a deep, tender, everlasting and different-than-Ray kind of love for him.

  3. My first dog, Mabel, is the love of my life and though I wanted another dog to be a playmate and companion for her, I thought for sure I couldn’t love another dog as much as I love her. I was wrong. I adopted Rico through Pacific Pug Rescue, and he fit into our lives pretty seamlessly from day one. Though Mabel certainly doesn’t love him as much as I do, together they make my life complete!! 🙂

    • Were you immediately connect to Rico, or did it take time for you to form as strong of a bond with him? I love hearing about people that feel/felt the same way as me on this. I really want to just get over it and find our second pup haha.

  4. I have SO many thoughts on this. You know that I am you and Rufus is Melvin. I could have always just had Melvin and my life would have beyond complete. Or so I thought. Will there be disruptions to the norm, YES, and then some! Will there be adjustments to make, indeed. The love grows, so there is never a single moment you feel that you are taking love to give love. Each dog gets their own love and it’s crazy how your heart expands in a new way, it’s not the same love, each love feels unique. And you don’t give up adventures with one dog if the other can’t or doesn’t want to go along (you might buy them a stroller! or you might have Dog 1 day and Dog 2 days and then have a lot of Dog 1 & 2 together days). But here is my truest truth and I know it’s sad but it is reality… if I didn’t have Jake, I would not have a dog right now and it would have likely taken me way too long to get on track to add the next dog. And Jake has given me so much in the past few months. Melvin will always be my soul and Jake will always be my laughter. And the next dog will play a role in their own, beautiful way. And at the end of it all, you get to give your special love, plurally!

    • I try to remember that. I was sooooooo in love with my dogs growing up. In fact, the last 3-4 years that I lived at home, they were almost 100% my responsibility. Even so, it’s just “next level” with Rufus. BUT! As morbid as it sounds, I have often thought of that moment when I have to say goodbye to Rufus. Of course I never want to see any dog as my “backup” dog, but I do realize that getting and bonding with a dog now means (hopefully) years of making a connection before saying goodbye to Ru. Ugh….I just don’t know. Thank you (as always) for your advice! Your opinion means so so much to me.

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