Soul Dog | Love, Loss, and Healing

I often refer to Rufus as my “soul pup” or “heart dog.” These phrases have always meant so much to me when it comes to describing our bond. And while I couldn’t have imagined that our relationship could be any stronger, it turns out I was wrong.


As I’ve already shared, life has been pretty hard lately. And while I’m doing better day-by-day, I still have my moments. Rufus can sense when I’m feeling low and has been incredible at reading my moods. Whenever I’m having a moment, he curls up in my lap or tries to get my attention by pawing at my arm or bringing a toy over to me. He knows when to try and help and he knows when to just be with me, making himself comfortable by my side for the long haul. He’s never seen me like this and I think he really is trying his best to “fix” the situation.


Our daily walks have always been something I look forward to, but now more so than ever. They’re a way for me to get out in the fresh air and focus on my surroundings while hanging out with my favorite dog, which is always a welcome distraction. I’m so thankful that I have these moments with him.

A dog’s love is so pure and unique from any other relationship we have. They’re loyal to a fault, they never judge, and they make life lighter in the heaviest of moments.


I owe him the world. Thankfully he’ll settle for peanut butter, a spot in the bed, and muddy hikes. How did I get so lucky?


8 thoughts on “Soul Dog | Love, Loss, and Healing

  1. I’m so glad you have Rufus during this tough time. You are not “lucky” – you are being given the love and caring that you deserve. You’ve built the bond with Rufus and he’s now taking care of you.

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