Ru’s Fall Wardrobe | Handsome in Plaid

It was only a matter of time before I caved and got Rufus some seasonal gear. Dog bloggers and their love/obsession for dog paraphernalia can be kind of ridiculous, and I am no exception.

Bring on all the dog stuff and things!


In case you couldn’t tell by the super sweet note, this isn’t my first time purchasing from Eclectic Hound (this martingale collar is still one of my favorites). I just love Lara’s products. All of Ru’s collars have held up through multiple washes, squirrel chasing, and even a few mud rolls. Not to mention all of her styles are super cute. This one kinda makes me wish I had a little lady to dress up. Maybe someday…

I know what you’re thinking – “Ru could totally pull off a hedgehog print!” And believe me, I thought the same thing….untilI I suggested it to him and he gave me THE LOOK.


Say what???

I think we’ll stick to plaid and corduroy for now. :ahem:

IMG_7843 IMG_7846

And while I have ventured out into the land of animal prints and mustache designs, plaid will always hold a special place in my heart. Let’s face it – this dude just screams hipster grunge dude. I did move him to the Portland area after all, so it was kind of inevitable.


He even has that slightly awkward moody thing going on.


And let’s not forget his uber uppity foodie attitude.

Just kidding – he’ll eat anything.

Who else is a crazy collar fan? Purchased anything lately? Enable me!


7 thoughts on “Ru’s Fall Wardrobe | Handsome in Plaid

  1. Omb he’s so cute ^__^

    I used to LOVE buying collars for my dogs…like, seriously, Kasper had 10+. Then we got a second dog, and when Zoey was over a year old she got caught on Kasper’s collar whilst playing. She was panicking and Kasper was being choked, and even though they wore instant release buckle collars getting them free was difficult and terrifying.

    So now they never wear collars, and only harnesses on walks / when they are calm in the house.

    I really, *really* miss buying collars though 😦 I bought Kasper’s first collar a good 8 months before we even knew we’d be getting him haha 🙂

    I do enjoy picking out harnesses for the pups, but lets be honest a dog really only needs one or two harnesses…they’re more expensive, there aren’t too many designs to choose from, and they don’t usually look as nice as collars.

    We are considering buying our puppy a new EzyDog Quick Fit, so I get to choose between red or orange…he’ll probably end up with a Ruffwear once he’s an adult, and they only come in a few colours >__<

    eta: the leads from that shop are sooo cute!!

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  4. He looks so handsome. Dog collars for Ember are my guilty pleasure too, just can’t get enough of them and she doesn’t mind the yummy presents that usually come with them too. Hope you’ve had a good Christmas and New Year.
    Ruth x

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