(not so) Wordless Wednesday | Staying In The Moment

I like my job, but it’s also a little strange to think of myself right here right now. My job isn’t one that I thought I’d have for this long and at this time in my life.


I walk dogs. I train dogs. I hang out with dogs (and sometimes cats). I love dogs.


I make their day simply by allowing them to stretch their legs, work their brains, and breathe in some fresh air.


Even when the sky is pouring buckets on us, I try to remember that things could be worse. These little souls brighten my day and make my heart dance.


I don’t know where I’ll be a year from now, but I’m working towards some big changes. Bu until then, we are lucky to have found the light in each other and we’ll keep on walking forward. One step at a time.


6 thoughts on “(not so) Wordless Wednesday | Staying In The Moment

  1. You know I never thought I’d be a dog walker/pet sitter right now, but life threw a curve ball and I needed a job for a while until things sorted out. So here I am walking dogs, cuddling cats and writing blogs about it. I know I won’t be doing this forever but for now it’s good.

    Sounds a bit like your post!

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