Our Favorite Products | Zuke’s Z-Bones


Full disclosure: we are big fans of Zuke’s over here! When I think of how long I’ve been purchasing products from this company, I get warm and fuzzy memories of my early days fostering pups and realizing there were companies out there that really cared about our pets’ health.

I was still in college, living on my own for the first time. It took exactly one month before I really, really started to miss the companionship of my own dogs back at home. And since I wasn’t in a place financially to take on my own four-legged friend, I jumped into fostering head-first.

And the more I learned about dog care-taking, the more I got in touch with people who had a whole lot to teach me about dog behavior, dog nutrition, dog safety, and all of those other wonderful topics I still geek out over on a regular basis. But I digress….for now…


Enter Zuke’s. They probably stick out to me because they’re a brand that’s been around, so we’ve been able to find them in most big box pet stores for awhile now. Their training treats were my go-to for years!


Bu these days, we stick to their allergy-friendly dental treats. Rufus absolutely loves all of the flavors, but the clean carrot seems to make him extra drool-y. And  despite this, I still love everything else about them….


…and yes, those are jowl dribbles all over my carpet. The things we do for love, am I right??

Thank you to Chewy.com for their generous delivery of delicious things in exchange for our honest review.  Rufus is your biggest fan!! ❤ 


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