Best Bully Sticks Review | Bully Flakes Exist??

When I first became a foster dog mom, I relied HEAVILY on bully sticks of all shapes and sizes to keep the most rambunctious of foster pups busy. Since most of my fosters fell between puppy and adolescent age, they were mostly busy bodies that were constantly look for something to do….or something to get into. So, I stuffed an endless amount of Kongs, found out about the magic of puzzle toys, and bought long-lasting chews like they were going out of style. They were magic in my eyes.

So when Best Bully Sticks offered to send us some free goodies in exchange for our honest opinion, I jumped at the opportunity!


They sent us two products: an XL (naturally shed) antler and something that was completely new to me – bully flakes! What will they think of next, right?

So on the antler front, Rufus is a so-so fan. He seems to prefer the ones that come split down the middle so that he can get to the marrow, but he will also chew on the whole thing when he’s feeling feisty. In short, it’s not his favorite thing but the dude won’t turn down a good chew when the mood strikes.


But what about these bully flakes? Well, he loved them! Why? Because he’s a total carnivore (unfortunately for his hippy mom over here) and anything packed with protein (51% in these unassuming flakes) makes him a happy, happy pup.


How do I use them? Basically I just sprinkle them on top of his food or mix them in with his pumpkin or peanut butter Kongs before I freeze them. They’re kind of a cool product, especially if any of you out there have dogs that are super picky about eating. However, we all know I don’t have that problem. :ahem:


Thanks again to Best Bully Sticks for providing us with some great products in exchange for our honest review! 


4 thoughts on “Best Bully Sticks Review | Bully Flakes Exist??

  1. Love the photo XD

    Are the antlers that are split down the middle as tough as whole ones? I’m wondering whether to get the boys one to see if I can tempt them into chewing antlers…I highly doubt Raiden could do anything to one anyway, but I don’t want Kasper eating chunks of antler again after we bought some really crud ones off ebay 😛

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