Pet Health | 3 Teeth Later…

Two weeks ago, I took Rufus in for an exam. For the past few years, we’ve had some real issues with his gums. A year ago, our vet put him on some natural remedies to (hopefully) calm down what we thought was severe gingivitis. His actual teeth seemed healthy enough, but his gums were inflamed to a point the vet hadn’t seen before.

Well, that didn’t really work.

And then a month ago, I noticed a growth on his gum line that seemed pretty alarming.


Bump is next to the bottom canine tooth

After an exam and doing some of my own research, I decided it was best to get it removed. And since he would have to be put under anyway, I scheduled a teeth cleaning as well.

I kind of hate having to put him under, but we do what we gotta do sometimes.


Such a pathetic sight…

So what did we learn?

-The biopsy results of his growth are not in yet. However, the vet is leaning towards issues with inflammation and gum overgrowth due to an allergy or reaction as opposed to something more serious. This is good news and I’m hoping it stays this way and we get answers as to what is causing this.

-He had three teeth that were so damaged, they had to be pulled. Two of these teeth had exposed nerves. What?? I couldn’t even comprehend how that was possible as Rufus is always fine with eating, chewing, and gnawing on things like bully sticks and hooves. But I suppose when you love food as much as he does, you find a way around the pain. What a punk.

-His breath is sooooooo much better. Hallelujah! 


He’s obviously as thrilled about this as I am…

I’ll keep you guys updated on any changes. We can’t do much right now as he has stitches in his mouth that have to heal first. As for the future, I’m going to make sure to CLOSELY exam his mouth regularly (as he obviously won’t tell me when something is wrong), brush them daily, and take bad breath much more seriously.



4 thoughts on “Pet Health | 3 Teeth Later…

  1. Poor Rufus! But hooray for better breath! Crossing fingers that the growth isn’t anything serious!! My Rico has nasty breath right now – his teeth cleaning is later this month, so I hope it improves that situation and doesn’t reveal any serious issues!

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