I’m sure you saw this coming..

FullSizeRender (4)

As much as I wanted to keep up with this blog, it looks like this just isn’t the most inspiring format for me at the moment. Sorry about that. I think that one day very soon, I will probably give this a crack again. And who knows? Maybe it’ll be under a whole new name. I work in the pet industry and I have a lot to say about nutrition, training, adventuring, and products…but I just can’t find the time/motivation to write about all that at this point in my life.

Just a quick update for those of you that may not follow us anywhere else: we are dealing with some health issues regarding Rufus. It’s been incredibly exhausting and stressful. Lots of tests, meds, and research. So far, our luck has been crap. Keep us in your thoughts while we continue to figure out this mystery mutt’s symptoms and why they are happening to him…


If you love this guy’s amazing face half as much as I do, please continue to follow us on Instagram. I post regularly and I love the creativity and ease of it all. Thanks for following us on this incredible little journey they call life.


2 thoughts on “I’m sure you saw this coming..

  1. Not Rufus!!! The most handsome dog EVER!!!! Keeping you guys in my thoughts. I am following you on Instagram (took this old lady long enough to get hip with the times!). Keep us updated please! Love you Roof!!!

    • Hey Carol! Hooray for jumping on the Insta train! Yeah my poor handsome dude is just not himself. It’s been really hard to see him like this, but I hope we can figure it out soon. Hope you’re well!

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