Senior Dogs 101: Supplementing For Longevity!


I know I’ve been mentioning Ru’s age a lot more than usual, but I guess that’s because I want to stay aware of what this next phase of life will bring. I’m lucky that as of right now, I have an incredibly vibrant and healthy old man. Rufus shows no outward signs of achy joints, cloudy eyes, or hearing loss. His coat is still beautiful and shiny and he’s fairly active. Besides his ongoing issues with his gums (which are all genetic and mostly pain-free for him), he’s a healthy guy . A healthy, salt-and-pepper senior dude.


He just really loves his naps. Like..a lot.

It’s important to stay proactive about your older dog’s health, even when everything seems to be going pretty freaking well. That’s how we keep things on the up-and-up, right?

I experiment a lot with what I give Rufus and always keep a close eye on any changes I see. There have been a few duds in the supplementation department, but here are a few that I continue to use and love:


I started giving Rufus turmeric after his dental scare last year to help fight some of the inflammation. It’s helped a little in that department, but like I said, it’s an uphill battle. HOWEVER! Supplementing with turmeric has proven to help in a lot of other ways. Turmeric can aid in relieving arthritic pain as well as any gastrointestinal issues. Not to mention this little plant can be cancer-fighting as well! We juice semi-regularly in this household, so sometimes I have turmeric root on hand but mostly supplement both of our diets with turmeric powder I buy in bulk online. Like I said before, Rufus doesn’t seem to be having joint issues yet but he is a tad slower getting up after a long snooze, so I figure it can’t hurt.

Raw Feeding

Ru’s diet isn’t 100% raw, but we’re leaning more and more towards that way of living as he gets older. His food digests so well, his poops are tiny, and he absolutely loves it! Yep. This vegan feeds her dog a 50% raw food diet in the form of freeze dried mixes and frozen patties thanks to Honest Kitchen and Stella and Chewy’s. The Honest Kitchen isn’t so bad because it’s dry fish and a ton of veggies, but the patties kind of make me wanna barf. The things we do for our pets…

Coconut oil

Another supplement the whole family shares. Coconut oil is great for dogs (and humans) and helps keep their coats shiny, their guts happy, and their brains functioning healthily. Rufus goes crazy for coconut oil as well – he loves his fats! It’s also great on toast with some coconut sugar and cinnamon for us humans. Just FYI.


Blurry but on the go!

Those are just a few of the supplements I give to Rufus to keep him happy and healthy. All of them are fairly affordable, especially since I only supplement with the raw food as of right now. I’m really happy with the results I’ve seen in the long term, so I thought it was worth sharing with all of you out there fighting the good fight. We can’t stop our pups from getting older, but we can certainly keep their quality of life from diminishing for as long as possible.

What supplements do you use for your dogs? Any tips on how to make a 100% raw diet more affordable? And maybe even less disgusting…ahem.


Chewy Review | Fromm Treats, Low-Fat and Low-Ingredients

I’m back with a blog hop and a review! This month, Rufus tried out the Fromm Low-Fat Dog Treats in the Liver Recipe. But don’t get too excited, because….whoops


Welp, I kinda failed on this one. Even though Fromm is an amazing company, I am trying to keep Rufus away from wheat flour as much as possible. Remember this post?  Yeah. And guess what the first ingredient is on these bad boys?  Whoops.


That being said, these treats are super tiny. And if you have a dog who is totally fine with wheat, they’re perfect for training and rewarding good behavior while keeping your pup slim and trim. I let Rufus have one before passing them on to a friend because his allergies are incredibly minor and it takes quite a bit to affect him at all.



Yep, I’ll take that.

He didn’t seem too worried.

Next time, I’ll be sure to re-read the fine print.

*Thanks to Chewy for gifting us these treats in exchange for our honest review. I would never steer you wrong, friends. 


Product Review | Merrick Venison Holiday Stew

Christmas came early for the Ru-Dog! Our favorite people over at Chewy sent him some goodies in the form of a feast!

photo 4-2

Seeing as it is the holidays, I chose something extra special for Rufus to try out. Canned food is definitely not a regular occurrence in our household, but that just makes it all the more special when I do splurge for my dude.

Merrick is a pretty solid brand – they have a ton of options and keep their ingredients fairly clean and simple. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that they offer up such ridiculous and catchy meal blends: Forever Home Holiday Recipe, Gameday Tailgate, Cowboy Cookout, and Honolulu Luau to name a few. I mean…get outta town with the cuteness.

…and as you can see, he’s clearly not a fan…


Just kidding. He went bananas for the stuff, obviously.

Thanks to Chewy for their generosity and fast service! While we are avid fans and purchasers of their site, these goodies were sent over in exchange for an honest review. If you’re looking to treat your pup to something special, we highly recommend you check out all of the goodies they have to offer.

Happy Holidays!