Wordless Wednesday: A Nose For Adventure


That nose has gotten him into a few tricky, sticky situations. How can something so ridiculously cute be such a pain in my butt?



The Golden Hues of Autumn


Oh autumn, there are so many reasons why I love you. And that golden sun? Well, that just might be my favorite part of this glorious season.

Just look at those tiger stripes…


If looks could kill, am I right??



Sleepy and pouting, but still adorable!

Peace, Love and Naps.

Over the past year, I’ve started to meditate more regularly. And while it’s had a ton of benefits for my own busy mind, Rufus has come to enjoy these quiet moments just as much.

If I even attempt to meditate without him in the room, he will stand outside the door and do his little under-his-breath whine that always melts me into a puddle of goo.

So he joins me, often laying by my side and completely still. I don’t know if you can tell, but the dude really loves to get his OM on. And if that can happen while also basking in a sun spot? Well, he basically reaches nirvana.


Does your dog join you in any relaxing or another of your favorite activities? Rufus obviously walks and hikes with me, but it kind of means a lot to me that he seems to sense how peaceful this practice makes me – it just continues to remind me how incredibly intuitive dogs are.