Dogs I’ve Loved | Saying Goodbye to the PNW

As our time is wrapping up in Oregon, I am a little bit heartbroken. I have said goodbye to most of my clients, but I still have a few more appointments this week before we head out.


I’m mostly excited about the adventures that lie ahead, but I sure will miss these sweet faces. Like…a lot.

My two lemons. They were a handful, but totally worth it. I mean..look at those wrinkles!


The sweet, shy girl took awhile to warm up to me but we became the best of friends. Her brother is also a big softie. 😉


The most fun duo! I couldn’t ask for a better pair of pups. Ugh…these two were some of my favorites ever.


Oh, Cora. Rufus reluctantly let you into his life…and you were such a champ for putting up with his grumpy ‘tude!  Even though we all know he kind of liked you. Kind of.


Ru’s favorite gal, Abby. This one is going to be the hardest of all. I can’t wait to cuddle this goof a few more times this week. My heart is gonna feel this one.



I like to think of this time as a “See You Later” moment. It’s been a whole lot of fun! We will return, you beautiful coast. Oh yes we will. 


An ode To The Pacific Northwest | WW

In May, it will be four years since we packed up everything we owned and moved across the country to beautiful Oregon.


And despite being homesick on occasion, this view never gets old.


Of course there are a ton of grey days, which often lead to a whole lotta rain..

which Rufus could do without. And frankly, it wears on me as well.


But overall, nothing beats the mountaintop view, cotton candy skies, and being surrounded by evergreen. It’s kind of amazing.


And no matter how much longer or shorter our time here may be, I’m grateful I got to call this place “home” and eat alllllllllllll of the vegan food I could stand! It’s been real, Oregon.