Why “The Rufus Way”?

I'm so cute, it should be a crime.

In short, I picked “The Rufus Way” as the title for this blog for two reasons:

1.) It references his super unique personality – a little grumpy, and little stubborn, but a whole lotta love to give.  Rufus has a specific way of living his life, and it’s one that I’m sure many would dogs aspire to.

2.) More importantly (and more seriously), it basically just sums up the way he came into our lives.  Rufus was our 9th foster, and became our first failed foster.  He was rescued by a wonderful organization, we nursed him back to health, and then decided we couldn’t live without him.

While fostering was already a passion of mine, adopting him and seeing his progress from beginning to end (a continuing end, but still..) makes me so grateful for the incredible organizations out there that strive to take in as many dogs as possible and place them in deserving homes, one happy tail at a time.

Sometimes this work can be overwhelming, but it’s the only way to work towards change.


4 thoughts on “Why “The Rufus Way”?

  1. Awww, I just stumbled across your blog and I love it! I adopted my dog through a foster, which in turn inspired me to foster, and I’ve been fostering ever since! It’s been nearly two years, now! I currently have a foster dog that is the absolute closest to becoming my first foster failure! The only thing holding me back is that I would not be able to foster any more if I adopted her, and I know there are so many animals in need out there! Such tough decisions! Lol

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